пятница, 19 декабря 2014 г.

Renovation of pope Lion's talisman - true image of Michael's power

One of the famous but still not valuated pentacles of pope Lion's Enchiridion.
What we can find on it?
1. First quaterner Name - IOD-HEVE.
2. Second quaterner Name - AGLA.
3. ELOHIM SABAOTH - Divine Name of Hod sephire. Form of this Name - Stauros (conjunction of active and passive principles).
4. MICHAEL - this is not even the name of Hod's Archangel. This is first sephirotical construct, united souls of Dorian Saints. Symbolized as descending triangle (or even Pentagramm on the seal of Constantine). This is Zeir Ampin, if you want.
5. 123 - incorrect objectivisation of greek letters ιαω.

What does it means? This is very powerfull pentacle wich allows you to connect and manage of Michaels Construct. Power and secret of Moses wonders. Controling and ballancing Fatum and varieties of Thelema by the command of Providence.

Warning: the true image of Pentacle can connect you to Egregor of Dorian Saints!

[true image under cut]

среда, 10 декабря 2014 г.

Symbol of Astral Forces (balance)

As you know, two vertical forces are balanced in the astral plane:

Centripetal involutive Ereb, and centrifugal evolvement IONA.
This symbol you can find in The Key of Solomon. And this is Binar principe of 2nd Arcanum.