пятница, 7 июля 2017 г.

HEILIG pentagram

More than a year ago there was a discussion about the structure of this symbol.
Still have questions.


All the names were taken from the Vihi Noam prayer. But probably it does not fit.

At least one thing does not give me rest. The structure of this figure has to give the formula: QADOSH QADOSH QADOSH YHVH ELOHIM TZEBAOTHWhat do we have: 1) Heilig for QADOSH, 2) YHVH ELOHIM, 3) and nothing for TZEBAOTH. 

But if you look to the center of the red pentagram, BET has little dot, and this looks like formely Tsade ("BET"+dot) - צ. So, where is Tzebaoth here? 
Maybe all "names" in angles have to be like "code" for "Hosts"? Or their sums must be equal to 496 (gematria of Tzebaot)? And if we put all 5 letters from Tzebaoth into each angle of pentagram, why Tsade/Bet in the center?