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Symbol of Astral Forces (balance)

As you know, two vertical forces are balanced in the astral plane:

Centripetal involutive Ereb, and centrifugal evolvement IONA.
This symbol you can find in The Key of Solomon. And this is Binar principe of 2nd Arcanum.

Solomonic pentacle of these Forces:

Rehencatrici totius Indiae regis, Apollonii discipuli, ars cabalistica sacrae philosophiae - Cod.mag.19, p.67

From other side, Astral Light AOR has polarization, wich gives us horisontal forces: AOB (-) and AOD (+):

Hereis the principle of neutrality (AOR) of two polars (+ and -). This is terner or the 3rd Arcanum.

Connection of these symbols gives pantacule of astral balance and realisation:

And this is 4th and 5th Arcanum:

By transition from four to five, we turn to esoteric anthropometry.
This shape in Solomonis pentacle:

Cod.mag.27. Clavicula Salomonis expurgate, p.45


The Name of Mikhael is the key to the magic and miracles of Moses. Stanislas de Guaita wrote, that this is the name of Astral Construction, “Great Egregore of Communion of the Elect”, Egregore of dorian Saints.

Shape of this construction, as we can find in KoS:

Cod.mag.27. Clavicula Salomonis expurgate, p. 37

The Key to Mikhael’s construct is in Pentacle of Enchiridion. Revised image of which is

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