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Anepheneton or Anaphaneton?

Once again about Divine Name Anaphaneton/Anepheneton.

Strong's Greek Concordance 398 for word ἀναφαίνω (to bring to light, make to appear):

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 398: ἀναφαίνω

ἀναφαίνω: 1 aorist ἀνεφανα, Doric for the more common ἀνεφηνα (Acts 21:3 R T WH (with Erasm., Stephanus Thesaurus, Mill); cf. Passow, p. 2199; (Veitch, and Liddell and Scott, under the word φαίνωWiners Grammar, 89 (85); Buttmann, 41 (35)); seeἐπιφαίνω); passive (present ἀναφαίνομαι); 

Here are two versions for root of the Name: 1) ἀναφαίνω - anaphaino; 2) ἀνεφανα - anephana / ἀνεφηνα (anephena).

So, both versions are legal: Anaphaneton and Anepheneton (or even Anephaneton) - He, Who brings to light, who makes to appear.

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