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Love Magic (by Fr.U.:D.:)

How to construct personal talisman for love/sex/relationship.

In his "High Magick" (2008) Fr.U.:D.: wrote:

The effect of love spells is an interesting element when it comes to monitoring the re­sults of a magical operation. Strictly speaking, most so-called love spells are really bind­ing spells. Generally, the in tention is to cause the target person to fo rm an emotional at­tachment to the magician or his or her client and to take advantage of this. The problem with such spells is that they usually bind the magician or the client much stronger to the target person than the other way around. The success of the magical operation soon be­comes an obsession until nearly nothing is left of the familiar principle of "nonattach­ment/non lack of inter est.  On the astral/imaginative level, the ta rget person can even take on the fo rm of an incubus or succubus (an extremely energetically charged and powerful astral sexual partner or demon) that requires a great deal of experience and self-control in order to deal with properly, otherwise it could result in an extreme loss of energy that could even lead to near complete de-oding and the related consequences.
The same applies to demonology as well. The refore experience has shown that it's always a better idea to perform a general love spell instead of aiming for a specific target person. In other words, you should conjure for «a lover', without specifying who. Then the
magician or the client still has the choice of seizing the resulting opportunity or not.

Such an opport un ity is nearly im possible with binding speUs. For example, if the target actually reacts to the spell as in tended, he or she may ((to the magician/client to such a degree that it would take a great deal of effort to rectify (after all, the attraction was an act of magic) and such a situat ion often results in a catastrophic crisis. 

The fo llowing two examples are taken fro m my own exper ience. A good fe male friend of mine once asked me to charge a love talisman to help her find a partner. Al­though she had already had several relationships, some even parallel to one another, the situation was unsat isfying in the long run and she now wanted a stable relationship. 

Surely she was also curious as to how such a talisman would work fo r her, because apart from a few rituals we did together, she had very little experience with magic. I decided to make a Venus talisman according to the traditional principles. First I calculated an election, or an astrologically suit able time to perform the operation based on my clien t's horoscope. Shortly before the ritual, I engraved the sigil of the planet Venus (according to Agrippa) on to a round copper plate, and on the other side I en­graved my clienfs personal sigil that I designed according to the principle of Aiq Bekr. Finally, I added the three geomantic symbols, Puer (((boy" ), Puella (''girl"), and Conju nctio (union), which I felt were well suited for such an operation because of their name symbolism. Then I held the Venus ritual (alone), in which I first performed an in­vocation and then guided the activated energy into the talisman. The client received the charged talisman along with a short written explanation on how to use it, including the instructions to first wear it on a Friday (Venus day) at sunrise (Venus hour) following a fifteen-minute meditation after putting it on a green velvet ribbon that she obtained herself, and to wear it for at least seventy-seven days. She followed these instructions carefully and exactly.
About ten days later, she reported the first success. My friend/client had received half a dozen love letters from various men. Some were former lovers, but some were mere passing acquaint ances. At first this was frust rating because the wide selection confused
her. But ther e was also a letter from the man that she actually wanted, which she didn't tell me until afterward. This man later became her part ner, so the operation can be con­sidered a success. 

So, let's make the construction of the described talisman.
Simple front of the spell:

And the back side is on the next image:
P.S. you can use these temlates for free.

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