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Triangle of Lemegeton

One of the necessary tools for various evocations is Triangle of the Art from Lemegeton.

Colours: Triangle outlined in black; name of Michael black on white ground; the three Names without the triangle written in red; circle in centre entirely filled in in dark green.

There a lot of variants of attempts to make this triangle with Hebrew Names.

1. Michael - no doubt is:

2. Tetragrammaton: YHWH or Adonai:


3. Primeumaton and Anaphaxeton. These names are more controversial.

Anaphaxeton: One of three Greek divine names that surround the Triangle of Art. “Great God of all the Heavenly Hosts.” Was also a name for deity used by Aaron. 

Primeumaton: “Thou who art the First and the Last.”  Seems to be like "Alpha et Omega" or Pentagrammaton - YHShVH.

Nick Farrell in his blog wrote, that we need to understand Elohim Tzvaoth here (Elohim - the first Name in the Bible, Tzvaoth - God of the Heavenly Forces).

But we can find one interesting thing in the description of tools in Greater Key:

The first name in the second row is PRIMThON:

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