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Love magic: how to improve Venus talisman

As for Venus talisman, wich we have described before, let's improve it from the High Magic position.

1. The Front

What we add:
 - the heptagramm as the symbolic figure of Venus;
 - the name and seal of intelligence - HAGIEL;
 - the name and seal of demon (spirit) - KEDEMEL.
Why we add:
 - Planetary Intelligence is some kind of brain (mind) of planetray force.
 - Planetary Spirit is a blind astral force of planetary influence, ang it is imposible to deal with it without contact with Intelligence. If angelic Intelligence bless talisman, the spirit has no doubt and executes the task properly.
 - Both of them show good and bad planetary characteristics.
 - The Spirit operates closer to phisic plane, and  his force is the main agent of Planetary influence.


2. The Back side.
Placing the Geomantic symbols like down pointed triangle, we orient the Spirit to the downward (involutive) action - on physical interaction.

(Image for engraving)

In the center of template you have to put your personal sigil, like on the image below:

P.S. Personal sigil was made for name Arthur:
A - R - Th - U - R in the hebrew letters is Aleph-Resh-Tav-Vav-Resh

Take symbol squares from Aiq Bekar for each letter:

And combine them into the common sigil:

More info on constructing seals and sigils with Aiq Bekar you can find in Asterion's manual.
Usefull books: 
Nick Farrell. Making Talismans. Living entities  of power. Llewellyn publications, 2001.
Frater U.:D.: Practical sigil magic.
Frater U.:D.: High Magic. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2008.

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